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Technology competencies at PragICTS

Technology Stack

1Website Development

We design and develop websites to fully complement and empower your online presence strategy. Website development is both a science and an art to meet the expectations of the business, stakeholders including the customers, and the metadata for comprehensive online platform capitalization. These websites can be template/framework based or can be fully bespoke ground-up design and development (including the JAM Stack) to meet the context and needs of the discerning customer. Our websites are optimized for device interoperability (responsiveness), HTML compliance, security, search engine capitalization, UI/UX experience, and functional and business relevance.

2Web Application Development

Web-based applications provide convenience for any time, place, and device access with centralized deployment, management, and control. We design and develop web applications for both internet and enterprise-scale with IoT and 3rd party platform integration for seamless automation and productivity.

3Mobile Applications

Mobile is the constant companion device that has become the swiss army knife for all online conveniences from ordering of food, transportation, tickets, etc. It provides better UI/UX granularity for effective operation on mobile devices. We help you design and develop effective mobile applications to meet your enterprise and business needs.

4Windows Application Development

Windows applications provide a rich UI/UX experience, especially in the enterprise context. We can help you design and develop your next windows application to meet your enterprise and business needs.

5eCommerce Application Development

Our eCommerce Application Development vertical supports all the key open source-based eCommerce platforms for all your enterprise and business eCommerce needs. Supported eCommerce platforms include OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, Bagisto, ZenCart, XCart, etc. For fuller details refer to our eCommerce vertical website http://ecommerce.pragicts.com/

6Software Consulting Services

We provide software consulting services pertaining to software strastrategy, engineering, rationalization, migration, and optimization.