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Business is also about caring, ethics, values, and blessings.

We also strive to do our part and contribute our expertise and services where it can help to bring value to those who really deserve it.

We provide the implementation and management of the complete online presence (website + application software) free of charge for non-profit organizations that tirelessly strive to provide real value to humanity.

We undertake a limited number of such initiatives every year. You too can apply using the following online application form.

Review and selection are made by the CSR committee of PragICTS at the beginning of each quarter (January, April, June, September).

For any query on CSR @ PragICTS, write to csr@pragicts.com.

OCTOBER . 01 . 2020

Senehasa Foundation (SERRIC)

An initiative by PragICTS and its subsidiary IEdgeCa ( http://iedgeca.com ) to help the Senehasa Foundation ( http://senehasa.care ) for a total rebranding (including fresh new logo design), online presence, and digital marketing for creating visibility, reach, and community participation for greater service.

Senehasa Education Resource Research and Information Centre (SERRIC) is an institution that has been established for the prime purpose of caring and supporting the needs, dreams, and aspirations of children with special needs.