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Our services are articulated and constantly reviewed for effectiveness, quality, and customer delight. Services are delivered by professionals with relevant expertise & experience. Quality is ensured through pragmatic processes, engaged customer interactions, multi-tier reviews/oversight, regular customer feedback, engineering standards, and the deployment of standards-based technologies.

Our engagement models are articulated to meet the specific and bespoke needs and context of our customers. These configurations can range from fixed price, utilization, on-demand to hybrid models to provide the optimum balance for cost-effective, pragmatic, and seamless execution.

Our impeccable track record and reference-able client base is a testament to these assertions.


Software development and support services.
Web (including websites), Mobile and Rich Client Applications.


Implementation, management, and support of ICT Infrastructure.
On-site, remote, hybrid, and on-call service models.


Provisioning, management, and support of cloud platforms.
Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and other third parties.