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Expediting Business Outcomes

Convergence to digital creates fresh possibilities to bring about transformational change for leapfrogging business outcomes. The new norm! PragICTS is an accomplished IT services company in Sri Lanka.

We specialize in delivering bespoke IT services to the Small to Medium Business (SMB) segment. Our services include software development, provisioning, and management of IT infrastructure and cloud platforms.

We have had our share of aches, pains, and struggles along the way to get to where we are today. Our impeccable service record is a testament to our constant capacity to engineer, deliver, support, and delight our clients.

Talk to us and experience the difference we can make together.


Software development and support services. Web (including websites), Mobile and Rich Client Applications.

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Implementation, management, and support of ICT Infrastructure. On-site, remote, hybrid, and on-call service models.

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Provisioning, management, and support of cloud platforms. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and other third parties.

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In a Nutshell

The KPIs we focus on and deliver right across the company from the very top to the very bottom. This is achieved and sustained by direction, passion, purpose, empathy, and team camaraderie.

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Solutions by PragICTS //

Software solutions by PragICTS

Software Solutions

Software solutions by PragICTS are engineered for productivity, usability, access interoperability (any device), deployment neutral (on-premise and cloud configurations), extensibility, and effective operations across Internet-enabled devices.

HR / HCM Solution

01. -


Human capital management platform.

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Cognizant by PragICTS

Online Business

02. -


Tier-1 eCommerce implementation for online shopping.

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eCommerce by PragICTS

Online Invoicing & Billing

03. -


Online invoicing and payment platform. Integration with any payment Gateway.

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Pay by PragICTS

Feedback / Survey

04. -


Online comprehensive customer feedback platform.

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Pulse by PragICTS

Customer Sentiment Management

05. -


Online comprehensive customer sentiment management platform.

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Smiley by PragICTS
//How We Engage

How We Engage

Simplified Engagement Process

Our engagement process is kept to the bare minimum to be effective, pragmatic and auditable. This further also tailored to the specific context of the client, requirements and the KPIs for effective delivery.

  • Familiarization

    Understand the issues, requirements, business objectives, and scope. Provide a proposition or decline.

  • Requirements

    Elicit and articulate the requirements pertaining to business objectives, technical, constraints, current and future requirements.

  • Engineering

    Develop the systems with close engagement with the client to ensure that what is developed and delivered is in line with the expectations and KPI of the client

  • Support

    Provide support to maintain and sustain the solution for constant yield and performance.



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