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Engineering Initiatives
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//Engineering Initiatives

PragICTS is committed to ongoing strategic engineering initiatives aimed at evaluating the feasibility of new technologies for practical application throughout the enterprise. These initiatives serve as a catalyst for innovation, equipping us with the necessary skills and insights to leverage a diverse portfolio of technologies. This portfolio spans established, emerging, and disconnected technologies, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of pragmatic engineering. Here are some of the initiatives currently underway at PragICTS:

Integration of Enterprise Assets
(Hardware + Software + Cloud) For Real-time Tracking and Actioning for lnstant and Preventive Support.

Status :In Progress
At present work is underway to integrate all IT devices of one our our key clients with multiple locations for proactive and preventive support and maintenance. At present this is being implemented using the Prometheus
( enterprise data aggregation and Grafana ( for visualization and alerts. Current implementation is on an on-premise configuration and is expected for migration to a cloud centric (AWS) setup. Engineering personnel from the three verticals (software, cloud & infrastructure) of the company are brought together for this implementation. This also highlights the depth and breadth of engineering expertise of PragICTs under one roof.

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